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XRD44 Premium Pike Saltwater Fly Fishing Kit 9ft AFTM #8/9


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Most Pike fly kits on the market today are thrown together with the cheapest components and wont last 5 minutes when a Pike is finally hooked.

We have been asked over and over again to produce a quality Pike fly kit specifically with the Flextec here it is!

Built around the superb Flextec XRD44 Fly rod and complimented with the high quality Flextec fly reel that is preloaded with a premium quality Flextec floating line and backing.

A tapered mono leader & saltwater fly selection complete this superb set.

  • 4 Piece Carbon Flextec XRD44 Saltwater Fly rod  
  • 20 Saltwater Flies hand tied by David Train
  • Protective Rod Tube 
  • Tapered Mono Leader
  • Preloaded Fly reel with Flextec Floating Fly line and Backing

Please note that the Fly Reel is NOT saltwater proof.  Simply washing it with freshwater will keep it as good as new