Warranty Details for rods


All Flextec rods are covered by our manufacturer’s product warranty* against defects in material and workmanship. In addition we provide the potential for lifetime replacement coverage for the original owner against accidental breakage under our Lifetime Replacement Service.

If you have not already registered your Flextec Rod at time of purchase, then PLEASE REGISTER or complete and return to us your warranty card which was provided with your rod, together with a copy of your purchase receipt by mail within thirty days of purchase. Failure to register will invalidate your warranty but will not affect your statutory rights. Please retain a copy of all documentation you send.

Where damage has occurred due to a defect in manufacturing, Flextec will, at their own discretion, either repair or replace the product. We reserve the right to offer the nearest alternative from our current range in cases where the product has been superceded by newer models and replacement parts are no longer available.

For all return shipments within the UK, the original owner will be responsible for a £25 fee for each repaired item to cover return shipping, insurance and processing. International customers will be charged the same £25 plus £15 for international shipping, and will be responsible for all related customs and duty charges.

Flextec Fly & Game Co. Ltd. reserves the right to alter the processing charge without prior notice or warning. Please include your original receipt and your unique Warranty Return Code issued on all internal paperwork and on the outside of the packaging.

In no event shall Flextec be held liable for indirect loss and/or loss of profits due to breach of this warranty or other warranties implied by law. This is given in addition to your legal statutory rights.

*Flextec warranty excludes normal wear & tear and if applicable indirect, consequential, incidental or any other type of damage resulting from the use of the product. Fly rods are covered by a one year manufacturer’s product warranty. Accidental rod damage is covered under our Lifetime Replacement Service for the original owner where you can purchase replacement sections to your fly rod if accidental damage has occurred.