Cats Whisker Fly Fishing Selection x 20


This fly was invented by my father David Train (do the Google search if you dont believe me).

This has consistently been voted the best fly ever for still water trout fishing. Here you can buy a selection of them for a fraction of the price others charge - also you know your buying the original!
The Cats Whisker Streamer Lure was invented by my father, David Train, in the 1980's.

All our Cats Whiskers are of course genuine so you can boast to your friends you have a David Train Cats Whisker. It is one of the most successful British stillwater streamer lures of all time. It has a Marabou wing and tail with heavy chain-eyes just behind the eye of the hook. The Cats Whisker streamer is very attractive to fish because the movement of the Marabou which gives the fly a life like quality.

When pausing during the retrieve the weighted eyes make the fly look and move downwards towards the bottom just like a feeding minnow. On the pull of the retrieve the fly darts back upwards imitating the natural action of a disturbed juvenile fish. This pattern can be used all year round but excels in late autumn when the trout become active on fry. It is a sinking pattern, so can be fished at any depth on either floating, intermediate or sinking line. The best retrieves are long erratic pulls giving darting movements to the fly. This can be varied by adding pauses in the retrieve followed by very quick short jerky pulls before reverting to the longer retrieve.