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Starter Beginners Fly Fishing Kit - Premium


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Complete Starter Fly Fishing Kit - Ready to go, making it the perfect gift! Brand new - just arrived into stock!

This kit is the ideal freshwater fly fishing kit - perfect for lakes, small stillwaters and rivers alike. We are now the largest seller of Fly Rods and Fly Fishing Kits on eBay in the world!

We have put together this kit as the best value you can possibly get for you money. No one else has the buying power that we have and no one else can match our products for the price. It is important to know that there are cheaper kits on the market but they WILL NOT be the same quality as this, so choose carefully.

We have put together this kit especially for beginners. By that we mean we have chosen a rod that is easy to cast and matched it with the perfect reel and line - all preloaded and ready to go!

You need do nothing other than get yourself to the fishery and catch fish!

This outfit represents excellent value for money and is all you need to get started in this great sport of fly fishing.

It is a superb reservoir/ stillwater outfit and would make the perfect gift. The kits comes with all of the following:

  • Superb Fly Rod with Cork Handle for extra grip and comfort.
  • Flextec "Richel" large arbour fly reel - with backing, WF (Weight Forward) floating line and leeder all pre-loaded - saving you time and trouble.
  • Assortment of flies.
  • Fully folding landing net with belt clip.
  • Canvas trout bag with detachable liner

    This is an outstanding value kit and one that we think will be a top seller -

    RRP £99.99. Buy now and save £££'s