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Sumo XS 3 Piece Game Fly Rod


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So far this year we have sold over 27,000 Flextec Fly Rods - all by word of mouth! These have been sold all over the world and not once have we ever paid to advertise them. Why not give one a try, you will not be disappointed, and if you are we give you your money back!

Please check the chart to see which rods come with the Extended Handle shown on the picture - as not all rods do.

This is a truly fabulous rod that has already been sold to almost every country in the world - a universal smash hit!

The build quality and finish is of a rod beyond it's £249.99 price point. The blank is finished in a striking Sage green colour and is equipped with the finest components available. The rings are whipped using Gudebrod thread and finished with Flec coat epoxy.

This rod has been compared to offerings from Sage, such as the TCR and XP. It is indeed a fast action rod thats casts like a cannon, but it is not overly fast like the TCR and is certainly user friendly.

This rod has been on the market now for a couple of years and still sells in the bucket loads.

A rod built for loops! Simple as that.

If you want to throw a line further than the man next to you then you need a rod with power. These rods were designed with that specifically in mind and we think we've got it bang on.

Of course there's more to rods than strength and distance. As you would expect the Sumo XS's are cosmetically elegant.

Using hand crafted Portuguese cork for the handles and sporting the latest US made reel seats and rings this rod looks stunning.

This wonder rod really has amazed the people lucky enough to try our prototypes and the comments we've had have been very encouraging. Our brand "Sumo" is little known right now, but with some big sponsorships lined up for later this year that will all change.

We really believe that this is a rod that you will never want to leave at home, once tried - never forgotten.

Code Length (ft / m) Rating # Sections Weight (oz / g) Handle Price (£)
TD-SLXS-956 9' / 2.74 5/6 3 -- RHW £249.99
TD-SLXS-967 9' / 2.74 6/7 3 -- RHW £249.99
TD-SLXS-978 9' / 2.74 7/8 3 -- FW + EH £249.99
TD-SLXS-1056 10' / 3.05 5/6 3 -- RHW £249.99
TD-SLXS-1067 10' / 3.05 6/7 3 -- RHW £249.99
TD-SLXS-1078 10' / 3.05 7/8 3 -- FW + EH £249.99

FW= Full Wells
FW + EH = Full Wells + Extended Handle
RHW = Reverse Half Wells
DH = Double Handle